The Unified Community Browser

Explore your favorite communities from a single elegant desktop app with a unified user interface.

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Access your favorite forums like Hacker News to get the latest buzz on hot tech and startups.

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What is Yack!

Yack is a desktop app that lets you browse communities like Reddit, YouTube, Hacker News and many more using a single, uniform and elegant interface. Its unified UI design and innovative features make exploring your favorite communities faster, more intuitive and fun.
Built for Power Users
Manage all your online communities under one unified desktop experience.
Yet Simple & Intuitive
Simple and easy to use unified user experience across all communities.

Designed for Desktop

A true desktop experience, unified across all networks, not a desktop wrapper to a web browser experience. Yes, Yack! is the real thing. Indie hackers rejoice!
From Cards to Compact Views
You decide how to organize and browse your favorite networks. Customize your viewport based on your needs.
Browse Responsibly
Yack! supports a built-in browser for links, videos, embedded HTML or anything else your community throws at it.

One App to replace them all.

We are just starting and more communities are on the way. Come join us and experience the power of _unified_
Unified Experience
Plugin Architecture
Advanced Search & Filters
Built-in Browser Experience
Smart Comments Browsing

Do more with less clutter, fewer clicks, less scroll, fewer tabs, fewer pages, fewer buttons, fewer ads, less mess... You get the point.

Desktop? Yes!
We provide the first and only true unified desktop experience for online communities, groups, networks and forums. We are on a mission to deliver the most fluid user experience across all the networks we support. We will start with MacOS first, then Windows. So jump on board and join the revolution!
Mobile? Maybe.
We are considering mobile, but first we want to make sure that we can bring you the best desktop experience ever. For so long our laptops have longed for a desktop based community experience and we have had it with clunky & ugly. We are on a mission and we want you to join us!

Extendable, plugable & hackable

We built Yack with the tech and developer community in mind. Open architecture, community plugin framework and an extendable architecture are just a few of the buzzwords you will hear from us.
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Desktop Experience
Desktop application level speed and performance with enhanced unified usability.
Search & Filtering
Quick and advanced search with network-specific filtering capabilties.
Channels and Favorites
Everything is a channel and your favorites are just a click away.
Extendable Networks
More networks are coming soon. Just keep an eye out.
Open Plugin Architecture
All networks in Yack are plugins, we are also releasing a developer toolkit soon.
Built-in Browser
A link, video or embeded HTML, there is nothing our browser cannot handle.


How does Yack handle my account credentials for the communities it supports?
Yack DOES NOT have access to your credentials. Your credentials stay locally on your computer and never touch Yack’s servers. If you sign out of your Yack account and sign back in, you’ll need to re-authenticate with these communities.
Does Yack track my activity on the social networks it supports?
No, absolutely not, what you do there is your business.
Why do I need to create a Yack account?
Your Yack account gives you access to the Yack Community where you can leave feedback, submit bug reports, and interact with other Yack users.
Is Yack open source?
All Yack community plugins will be open sourced before the final release.
Which communities and social networks does Yack support?
Currently Yack supports Reddit, Hacker News, RSS. But more communities are coming soon!
Does Yack work on Windows and Linux?
Yack for Windows is in the works, but not yet available. Please sign up on our Yack for Windows Beta waitlist and we’ll email you as soon as we launch it. We will also launch a Yack for Linux beta waitlist, check back with us soon.